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Air Force Tech School Rules

You must wear your military uniform both on and off duty, but you are allowed to wear civilian clothing in your dormitory and follow curfew rules, which vary by base. For example, health management recruits only attend technical school for 36 days, while cybersecurity recruits must spend 50 days in training. As mentioned above, in phases one and two, planes are subject to curfews and strict rules that mean that life outside the base is not allowed. The Air Force Tech School is an exciting place to stay when you have completed your basic Air Force military training. Completing basic training now means that you master the basics of what it takes to be in the armed forces, especially the air force. Now, the Air Force will send you to the Air Force School of Technology, where you will learn everything you need to know to fulfill your role for your work during your conscription into the Air Force. What day of the week will airmen be expelled from the school of technology? Are there days between BMT and Tech School? I am grateful for all the advice! Do you have to wear uniforms at ALL TIMES during the technology school? NO, you don`t! You will only wear your uniforms when you are working. In the school of technology, your job is school. You will wear uniforms to and from school, but after school you can change into civies (civilian clothes).

Outside of school, the only time you wear a uniform is for PT. Therefore, the school of technology in the Air Force can last between six and 72 weeks. Travelers are allowed to have TVs, gaming systems, computers and laptops during technical training. Wall lockers are provided in dormitories, but all valuables must be locked if they are not present in the room. Travelers can purchase Internet services from a local Internet service provider at their own expense. Students in the first phase are not allowed to leave the base, must be in uniform when they are outside the dormitory, must follow the rules of the curfew and are not allowed to drink alcohol at all, even if they have reached the legal drinking age. Civilian trade schools can cost more than $35,000 before you even consider the benefits, tools, and housing that would cost you. Phase 1 begins at the first second of your arrival at an Air Force Technical School. During your stay in Phase 1, you can still leave the base on weekends at AFB Shepherds due to COVID during the Technology School? The time it takes to complete the technology school depends on the specialty you`ve signed up for, and there`s a pretty big variation in that regard. Each specialty code has a number of requirements, including compulsory technical education, the duration of which varies. During the fourth week, you can completely leave the base without wearing your uniform. There will be times when you have applied periods of freedom or restrictions due to your chain of command, so be aware of any orders or changes coming from your sergeant or high rank.

I`m just wondering if I could bring clothes to my daughter to graduate from technology school or if I can ship them later? Upon completion of the Air Force`s basic military training by an aviator, all enrolled airmen will attend technical school to learn and train for their new career in the United States Air Force. At the school of technology, airmen learn everything they need to know to do their job in the Air Force. We follow these tips and tricks to better prepare you for technology school and your career in the United States Air Force. Are tech school recruits able to walk from the ground up now? Here is a video that I have to explain the locations of the Air Force School of Technology. Have you ever wondered where your technology school will be? Visit the Air Force website, where you can see a description of each job, how many college credits you earn, and where it is: Make sure you know how long you`ll be at technology school. You can check to see here: you can`t drive a private motor vehicle, but you can drive in one as long as it`s not at school or school. Your room will be inspected at least once a week and inspections will not take place on the same day. The 35th day of the Tech School marks the beginning of the third phase. The third phase will give the pilots much more freedom than the other phases.

Read below to learn more about how to visit during the Technology School. The only exception is for pilots who attend a technical school during the holidays. Ironically, many Air Force specialty codes also receive technical training at Lackland AFB. You are not allowed to have pets while you are at the technology school. Here`s a video about the Air Force`s pet policy. If you have a cat or dog at home, you`ll need to leave it with a family member at tech school and even while you`re in your first base. If you`re single and have less than 2 years of service, you`ll probably still be in the dorms, so if you`re single, don`t expect to have pets for the first few years of your career. The technology school can last between 6 and 72 weeks, depending on the job. The more technical the technology school, the longer the technology school can last. When and where you attend a technology school does not decide where you will be stationed after graduation. In the basic training, you will indicate your location preferences and the Air Force will take this into account as well as the needs of the Air Force when it gives you your new office. Other short-term schools of technology are aimed at military professions such as human resources and health management.

Many graduates of technology schools earn a two-year official associate degree from Air University. It not only serves as a single-entry processing station for basic military training, but also offers several technical schools. The time allotted for post-tech school holidays may vary, but a usual period is 10 days, and if travelers have not accumulated enough vacations to take that time, it may be possible for them to borrow future vacations to make the most of that break. Phase II prepares AiT for positions of increased responsibility. TIAs are expected to retain their personal appearance and maintain the higher performance standards set out in Phase I. However, these AiTs still require occasional reinforcement of the standards and behaviors expected of all airmen. Phase II requires the IA to assume and perform tasks in positions of increased responsibility. Phase II travellers should be held accountable not only for their actions and behaviours, but also for those who are cared for before they can be transferred to Phase III.

Phase II begins at the end of Phase I. AiT will remain in Phase II until the technical training is completed and for its first permanent service assignment in a non-student status or when they enter Phase III. Dormitories are usually separated by gender at the technology school, but if you are a previous service student (meaning you are probably an intern), then you cannot be accommodated with freshly BMT students, known among NPS (Non-Prior Service) students. This is a MUST when you come to the school of technology. Here`s a video of me breaking down the Air Force ERPs. Unfortunately, I didn`t know what it was until I was in my first base for a few months. Here you will see how much money you earn each month, where that money comes from, how many holidays you have and your taxes are deducted. You can access your ERP through the Air Force portal.

You click on MyPay and all referenced information will be displayed. There are several courses at the school of technology that are quite short, and two of them are Knowledge Operations Management, special code 3D0X1 and Health Services Management, special code 4A0X1. Usually, airmen are accommodated two people per room at the technology school, which means you`ll have at least one roommate while you`re there. This technology school usually lasts about 37 days, with the exception of failures or disciplinary problems that could hold students back. Technology schools that last at least 6 weeks are usually called “pop pies”. Sometimes it`s good to be a pop pie! The phase program ensures a smooth transition from the BMT to the technical training atmosphere. Phase I Airmen in Training (AiT) are graduates of the BMT. These AiTs are expected to maintain their appearance and continue the disciplined performance they learned in BMT.

However, they still require a continuous reinforcement of the standards and behaviors expected of all airmen.