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App State Student Legal Services

Appalachian State University encourages faculty, staff, and students to participate in scientific research and creative activities that create knowledge and enhance the education of our students and the community. Intellectual property is a general term, this one. Did you know that there is free and confidential legal advice for students on campus? The student legal clinic is located in the dean`s suite on the third floor of the Studentenwerk. Services are provided by a licensed lawyer and include legal research, document review, advice and coaching on strategies and techniques for communicating with opposing parties, as well as referrals to private lawyers and other resources. All currently enrolled students in the Appalachian State are eligible for the assistance. Cases typically involve minor criminal charges, fines, and landlord-tenant issues, but the attorney can advise students on any matter that is not directly against the university. It`s easy to make an appointment by calling (828) 262-8284, and meetings can usually be arranged in a matter of days. Please let your students know about this resource! It should be understood that parents at the post-secondary level do not automatically have access to students` academic records. The first step to accessing your students` information is to communicate openly with them about what happens to their grades, classes, etc. Second, the student can give access to parents in AppalNET using the consent process of the Parent Portal. PSU students and staff can purchase their FREE copy at the Smith Memorial Student Union Information Hub or view our online version! Join the Explore the Program – Explore the Law (ETL) connects UAP students with lawyers and others in the legal field, helping them prepare for law school and beyond. This is a two-part program that may be eligible for academic credits.

Learn more about ETL. Student Legal Services offers FREE legal assistance to current PSU students. Our team of lawyers provides advice, representation and advice in many legal matters. The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to educate students about community norms and prohibited behaviors, promote student learning and responsibility, and facilitate the development of thoughtful and responsible individuals. The University recognizes that students have rights and responsibilities as members of the Appalachian State University community and that the University has expectations of the behavior of its members that extend beyond the classroom in all aspects of life. When students voluntarily enter the university, they assume performance and behavioral obligations that are relevant to the mission, processes and functions of the university. These expectations of students in a university community are higher than those expected by other citizens. In accordance with the applicable provisions of the North Carolina Bylaws and the directives of the Board of Governors, the Chancellor of each institution has the authority to sign contracts, leases, and other legal documents. As a result, the Chancellor of Appalachian State University.

In 2017-2018, 389 students from the Appalachian State contacted the Student Legal Clinic for help on 442 separate questions, a significant increase from the 327 who sought help the previous year. Consultations most often focused on minor criminal charges, landlord-tenant issues, and fines. But the students also asked for advice and information about extermination, family and relationship problems, employment, lawsuits for money, and a host of other issues. Appalachian strives to create a safe environment in which students can learn and grow. Certain behaviours can be detrimental to a student`s success. The Office of Student Conduct deals with these behaviors that violate the Appalachian Code of Conduct for Students. Please inform your student that they will be held responsible for their conduct on and off campus. The University does not tolerate at any time the consumption of alcohol or illegal substances by minors. Here are some frequently asked questions about student conduct: The Office of the Dean of Students offers a student legal clinic, staffed by a licensed lawyer, for Appalachian students who need help with civil law issues or minor criminal charges.

The Student Legal Clinic provides free and confidential legal advice regarding landlord-tenant issues, debt disputes, family law, fines, and a number of other legal issues. The Student Legal Clinic only provides advice and information and cannot provide a lawyer to represent students in court. The Student Legal Clinic also does not advise students in disciplinary matters handled by the Office of Student Conduct or in other situations that are directly contrary to the interests of the University. Student Legal Services (SLS) is a non-profit law firm that has been serving students on BGSU`s main campus since 1984. SLS currently employs two full-time lawyers, who typically advise and represent more than 2,000 students each year. In addition, SLS promotes educational opportunities for the entire student body related to students` legal issues. Students must have paid their $13 participation fee at the beginning of each semester to use the service. Under the Right to Family Education and Protection of Privacy Act (FERPA) (opens in a new tab), parents do not have access to their students` records without their student`s consent. Students interested in the legal field can contact UAP`s student legal services through our internships, explore the law program and the advisory board. The Student Legal Clinic`s lawyer is available to give presentations (upon request) on legal issues relevant to student groups, associations or organizations. Appointments can be made Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

by calling (828) 262-8284. SLS strives to help students address legal issues that may adversely affect their well-being or interfere with academic efforts. The services offered are designed to help students solve problems for which it would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain legal services at affordable prices. In this way, SLS helps BGSU achieve its goal of promoting a positive living and learning environment for student success and retention. The mission of the Student Legal Clinic and Off-Campus Student Services is to provide information and resources to support student success. A contract is any document that imposes an obligation on the university or legally binds the university to another party. Contracts can be used to purchase goods or services, detail a relationship between two entities or individuals, or responsibilities and. For more information on what we do, check out our infographic of the 2017-2018 Student Legal Clinic. Questions: Call (828) 262-8284 or email The Office of the General Counsel provides legal advice, advice and representation, training and risk management to Appalachian State University, its constituent and affiliated entities, as well as its directors, officers, staff and student officers, while acting on behalf of the University. It is not uncommon for students to sign waivers that allow for more open communication between the student, parents and the university. Students can sign a waiver that allows parents to access their academic records at the university.

Your student can access this form through the Office of the Registrar or the Office of Student Conduct. Join our Advisory Board – The SLS Advisory Board reviews SLS programs, budgets and activities. The board is made up of UAP students and community members. This is an unpaid volunteer position with a one-year commitment. Joining our advisory board is a great way to learn more about the unique needs of a non-profit law firm and gain experience in a professional setting. The agendas and minutes of the Advisory Board meetings are open to the public, you can request access by email to Review the Advisory Board`s request. Please note that we review applications for the Advisory Board each year and welcome new members each fall period. You can apply at any time, but you probably won`t be contacted for the service until the end of the spring semester starting the following fall.

For faculty members or student club advisors, the legal clinic lawyer is available to give presentations to your class or student group on legal issues relevant to your course topic or activity. Previous conference topics include First Amendment issues, labor law, family law, liability/negligence, and (of course!) Owner-tenant law! This website is provided solely as a general information resource and should NOT be used as a substitute for specific legal advice. Once a particular legal issue arises, students should immediately contact Student Legal Services to make an appointment or receive a referral. Free legal advice, information and recommendations from a licensed lawyer. Apply for an SLS Internship – The SLS Internship lasts one semester and may be eligible for college credit. Our articling students gain legal experience by working closely with our team of lawyers, articling students and support staff. Learn more about our internship. On our resources page, you`ll find links and information on a variety of topics, including resources for those who may not be eligible for SLS services. We recently added additional information for protesters and legal resources related to COVID-19.