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What Is the Adjective Form of the Noun Convenience

Elo said he gave the FPPC bank statements the illegal expenses — various payments to convenience stores and restaurants, as well as mobile transfers to Barrios` personal bank account. Although we have called the earth a flattened spheroid for the sake of simplicity, it is so only in a very general sense. As mentioned earlier, “Having some Google Analytics data in Search Console can be very handy and help you see your data in new ways.” The afternoon Brown was killed, he had stolen a pack of cigars from a supermarket. This adjective comes from Middle English, from Latin conveniÄns, from convenÄre “suitable, proper”. The fundamental meaning of Latin convenÄ«re is “to get along, to meet, to meet”, and this is the source of the English convocation. The opposite of comfortable is uncomfortable, which means you`re causing trouble or trouble. The corresponding names are convenience and disadvantage. Holsey admitted to killing a police officer after robbing a supermarket. Kullak claims to have one, but he has so little interest in his scholars that he leaves them out when it suits him. It`s a vehicle that impacts real life thousands of miles beyond the coffee shop or supermarket. For the sake of simplicity, I will now give the numeric alphabet in tabular form. So you make friends with this Pakistani, he shows you how to open and run convenience stores.

(d) Excess balances may remain deposited with the Gold Settlement Fund at the discretion of any Federal Reserve Bank. If the two outfits have long enjoyed a marriage of convenience, they have taken care to keep their distance from each other. They combine the convenience of e-commerce with the immediacy of business. The bond between women and removable shower heads, after all, is both a marriage of convenience and a marriage of love. So if you think back to our cycle in the U.S., when we started having tech companies in tech services, we were actually quite happy about giving up some of our privacy in exchange for that convenience. The castle has all modern conveniences, even hot water heating – a rare thing in England – is installed. The most convenient parking is in the Church Street parking lot. Traveling by metro is fast, comfortable and cheap. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! It`s much more convenient than a lamp because it doesn`t click, and you can project the light so much better to the side. We first made the bowls for ourselves in our kitchens because we wanted to eat something comfortable, made from real fruits and vegetables, containing protein and fiber for gut health, and ready to be devoured – with a spoon. Many were simply eager to forget, acquit or ignore serious allegations, simply because it would be very convenient to do so.

But Brown has no interest in insularity or practical solutions. Dallas Mavericks to play national anthem again before gamesDropping the anthem of pregame rituals would be a convenient way to end the conversation to artificially isolate the sport from everything the country is up against. Given that, according to a recent poll, about 63 percent like early voting, it`s not clear that Republicans will be able to reverse a convenient voting system used by both parties. When something is convenient, it contributes to your comfort, causes few problems, or is easy to use, do, or achieve. If you live close to your workplace, it`s convenient – it`s very easy to get there and home. If a convenient number of coffee beans is used (a multiple of 100), the calculation of the percentage is extremely simple. We were all in that classic situation where we walked into the house with our hands full of shopping bags, and removing the shoe with the other foot was the most comfortable option. It is often convenient for a teacher and others to remember the one-page number of a book with a quote in it. If that`s okay with you, call me tomorrow before noon. Texas is a convenient base for any Christian obsessed with Israel.

Frank no longer has his practical foil of The Lay of the Land, his Tibetan partner Mike Mahoney. It would be very helpful and convenient to send supplies to Terrenate all year round. We moved to Sheppard Centre Mall in north Toronto because it was convenient. The Kihei site was a convenient base for further exploration of West Maui. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. That seems to me to be a very practical and sufficient summary of everything I have to say. How convenient it is that you were sick on the day when all the work had to be done.