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Are 4D Plates Still Legal

For example, they are clear and easy to observe, but the thin material they are made of is the main problem for sticker-style license plates. 4D license plates differ in that the characters on the register itself are actually physically lifted from the rest of the plate. Addition of an additional dimension to the plate, hence the name – 4D license plate. There are many ways to check your license plate to make sure your 4D license plates comply with DVLA regulations. As you may already know, the term “4D” is just an industry standard name for distinguishing 3D gel resin and 4D laser cut license plates. 4D plates are still considered 3D and are therefore permitted by applicable UK law. Since all the license plates we produce at Utopia Plates meet these requirements, all of our license plates are fully approved by the street and have been checked by the DVLA itself during a visit to our premises. In 2021, a number of unfounded concerns about the continued legality of 3D and 4D plates gained ground when the DVLA revised its rules. The custom plate industry received a lot of questions about what the changes meant. According to Autotrader, the main advantage of the new standard 145e plates is that they are more durable. You often need to provide your V5C logbook and ID when removing your license plates. Starting in September 2021, it is necessary to check your license plate code to see if your license plate design still complies with the rules. This also applies to 3D and 4D license plates.

Indeed, the different shades used in 3D license plates can make the vehicle difficult to identify in certain situations. Drivers caught showing signs that do not comply with the regulations can be fined up to £1,000. You can still use tinted license plates, but only on show cars, as they are not intended for road traffic at all. If you use them on the go, you can get a £100 fine and possible points on your license. As mentioned earlier, DVLA has strict laws around license plates and many do not respond to the brand. Here are some types of license plates that the DVLA would consider illegal. On the license plates, the name and postal code of the delivery office must be printed on the license plate. Under the new rules, 3D and 4D plates have become illegal. Newly registered license plates must now display the name and postal code of the supplier, the code BS AU 145e and the name of the manufacturer of the license plate. If you have decided to get 4D license plates for your car, there are many retailers where you can have them manufactured. A quick Google search will reveal many providers in your area. Since 4D license plates are an option that can be added to any license plate, you can navigate from our full selection.

Use our license plate search to find your perfect registration. 4D license plates are made with unique laser-cut acrylic numbers and letters, which are then attached to the license plate. When you guide your hand along a 4D license plate, the signs on the plate feel elevated. There are many options for those who want to customize their car, and 4D license plates are an increasingly popular choice. But what are 4D license plates and are they legal? All license plates must be marked by the supplier who provided them. Before deciding where to buy your license plates, make sure the company manufactures them to UK standards. All UK licence plates must be marked with a UK standard number (BS AU 145e for plates installed after September 2021). In summary, 4D license plates and 3D gel license plates can be interpreted as still being approved for road traffic under the new 145e standard, provided that the right materials are used, the appropriate documentation is recorded, and the correct company information is printed at the bottom of the plate while maintaining the correct edges and spacing. As an additional security of a fine if you ever get arrested for your license plates, here at JDM Plates we offer a legality statement with all our license plates explaining all the laws we comply with while displaying our company information and the DVLA RNPS reference number. The use of 4D license plates on cars causes some confusion when it comes to the law. Essentially, it`s not illegal to have high letters on your license plate, but people with 4D license plates can sometimes get into trouble with the police. At a glance, 3D license plates are very similar to the standard license plates seen on most cars on UK roads.

On closer inspection, however, these license plates differ due to the markedly beveled font used for the recording lettering itself. This gives the visual impression that the text is in 3D, when in reality the letters and numbers remain flush with the surface of the license plate. Unlike 3D number plates, 3D freezing and 4D licence plates are legal in the UK. However, they must comply with strict regulations. No, the law states that legal British licence plates can only use black characters by Charles Wright. However, if you purchase license plates through National Numbers, we offer you the option to add physical license plates to your order and do all the paperwork. These 4D license plates will be sent to you directly or to another address if it is a gift. These increasingly common plates have a raised lettering that stands out more strongly from the background of the plate.

However, despite their popularity, more and more incidents have been reported where police have stopped vehicles with this type of license plate, especially on social media. This has led drivers to wonder what the rules are for a gray area that appears at first glance. You don`t have to tell your insurer anything about your default license plate, so there`s no reason to let them know you have 4D license plates. The next question you might ask yourself is: Are 4D license plates legal in the UK and in the eyes of the DVLA? While 3D and 4D license plates have become a daily sight on UK roads, there is a lot of confusion as to their legality.