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A person currently charged with a crime punishable by more than one year in prison is prohibited from carrying a military-style handgun or semi-automatic assault weapon.6 In addition, a state administrative order prohibits the transportation of a firearm in a vehicle used for driver training.7 ∗∗∗∗ Note that some stores may refuse to sell a long gun, if you do not have a permit to carry or a permit to purchase a pistol. even if he doesn`t have a pistol grip. The owner or operator of a private entity shall not prohibit the lawful carrying or possession of firearms in a parking lot or parking lot.8 No person shall take a firearm or ammunition on board an aircraft other than a public aircraft unless a firearm cannot be legally transported in a motor vehicle.5 A private seller is guilty of a serious offence: in the case of a private transfer to a prohibited person who may reasonably be suspected to be a prohibited person who subsequently uses or possesses the firearm during the commission of a violent crime within one year of the transfer. All licensed gun dealers are required to conduct background checks at gun shows. Minnesota state law does not require background checks for private-to-peer gun sales that take place at gun shows or elsewhere. see above. [4] † With the exception of religious organizations, no public or private entity may prohibit the carrying or storage of firearms in vehicles in parking lots. Minnesota permits the transport of firearms in a motor vehicle if the firearm is unloaded and: (1) in a holster containing the firearm and suitcase completely surrounds the firearm by zippering, slamming, bloodying, attaching or otherwise securing it without exposing any part of the firearm; or 2) in the locked safe.3 The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has released a report on the effectiveness of this law.4 Minnesota is a state for gun licenses. No person may carry, possess or possess a handgun in a motor vehicle, snowmobile or boat without permission to carry a handgun.1 However, no permit is required to carry a handgun∗∗∗ In 2015, this notification became automatic with the issuance of a permit. (MN Statute 609.66, subd.

1g, paragraph c) ∗ Public colleges and universities may issue administrative directives prohibiting the carrying of firearms by students and employees. However, these guidelines are not laws and do not have the authority of laws, and peace officers cannot enforce such directives under the guise of the law. As of March 1, 2020, 301,268 permits have been issued in Minnesota. [2] ∗∗ The carrying of firearms on school and daycare premises is permitted with the written permission of the principal or other person who has general control over the school, or the director of a day care centre. When you leave a vehicle with a firearm, the weapon can only be placed in the trunk of the vehicle without written authorization. There are regulations on private sellers in Minnesota (read here: Private sales do not require a background check in Minnesota. [4].