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Our ethical trade team works in partnership with our suppliers, NGOs and law enforcement agencies. They ensure that the products in our stores are ethically sourced and that the people who work at every stage of the supply chain are treated fairly. In the team you will find colleagues in our production facilities. Foreign colleagues in RSA, Spain, Peru, Costa Rica and more. A dedicated QC team. And teams of technical managers who ensure that our production lines meet all quality, safety and legality requirements. Throughout the team, you`ll find a food safety and store audit manager as well as a senior technical manager, technical director, legal auditors and more. Many of us are versatile and have grown and evolved in our roles. And if you can bring an organized, efficient, hardworking and flexible approach, you can do the same. Corporate Affairs is a diverse team that works together to ensure that what we do as a company is right for customers, colleagues, local communities and suppliers. Meet our team of experienced lawyers and find out how Morrison Sund can help you with your legal requirements.

To keep the team moving, we have a Chief Corporate Officer, a Packaging Manager, a Corporate Responsibility Manager, a Corporate Services Manager and a Corporate Services Specialist. And we regularly look for a mix of people to join us, from seasoned professionals to apprentices and graduates, all with tenacity, personal resilience and the ability to make real change. That`s where our business continuity team comes in. We make sure our company is ready and prepared in case something goes wrong. It`s about making sure people are safe and that we can all do our part to adapt to ever-changing situations. We care about our customers and colleagues and are the team committed to safety, quality, legality and integrity in all aspects of our business. We are open for business and are here to support you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We are ready to work for you, our valued clients, and we are committed to providing you with exceptional legal services. In October 2018, Morrisons lost an appeal about the long-standing privacy case when it was responsible for a data breach that affected more than 100,000 employees. A former employee convicted of fraud in 2015 had leaked payroll information during the breach.

A month earlier, Leigh Day had filed a lawsuit on behalf of a group of employees for equal pay, which could be worth £1 billion in arrears if successful. This was followed by a lawsuit by the law firm against Tesco, Sainsbury`s and Asda. Our charitable team, in partnership with the Morrisons Foundation, provides grants to support local charities and fund the incredible fundraising efforts of our colleagues. And we work closely with our national charity partnership with CLIC Sargent and other key charities such as Marie Curie, Grocery Aid and the Royal British Legion. Our technical team designs, builds and maintains systems that are used by more than 100,000 colleagues in 15 different industries. But most importantly, it`s about supporting each other and making the most of the great teamwork you`ll find throughout our business. Our food safety team ensures that the products our customers purchase are safe to consume, which has never been more important as we continue to feed the nation. We work with internal teams and external authorities such as local environmental health teams to manage enforcement contacts, resolve customer complaints, and develop new policies and procedures. And we`ve helped more than 90% of our stores achieve the highest food standards.

Our quality team is responsible for ensuring that 565 fruits, vegetables and horticultural products, which we sell worldwide and buy from British Farming as the largest customer, are as fresh as possible at the point of sale. But it`s a challenge that`s alleviated by our own fruit, vegetable and flower sites, all of which are industry leaders, having benefited from recent multi-million pound investments. And our community team coordinates and supports the activities of our businesses, enabling our community champions to make a difference in the communities they serve. Our goal is to close the transaction in an atmosphere that contributes to the longevity of legal efficiency for our clients in the real estate sector. Our Corporate Services team cares about our clients, colleagues and communities, covering three main areas of work: charity, community and our Morrisons Foundation. We are executives, managers, specialists, interns and everything else. Not to mention 17 community coaches who support our incredible team of 498 community champions who provide local food donations, volunteerism and fundraising. Morrison Sund PLLC lawyers are dedicated and experienced professionals who work together to effectively represent the interests of their clients. Morrison Sund PLLC was founded in 1991 and serves its growing list of local, national and international clients with an ever-growing range of legal services.

Our team of estate planning lawyers helps clients plan for all life transitions. We have a government relations team that works closely with national and local governments to inform decision-makers, ensure we are aware of any new legislation, and deal with requests from politicians. General Counsel Alison Charnock received a lot of applause for her work during this time. She took over this role after former GC Mark Amsden, who left the company in mid-2017 after more than four years. Shirley Hall, senior partner at Eversheds Sutherland, admires Charnock`s work: “Alison was involved in a major privacy lawsuit this year involving the disclosure of employee data by a disgruntled employee, and is now embroiled in a mass legal battle over equal pay.” Our sustainability team and GSCOP define our overall sustainability strategy. It`s about listening to and responding to issues that matter to our customers and broader stakeholders, reporting on progress towards our social and environmental goals, and looking at big issues like climate change and plastics that help us feed the nation the right way. In August, Morrison Urena, LC, filed a lawsuit against U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken for failing to schedule immigrant visa interviews for Iranian DV selections for fiscal year 2022.

Team size: 10 Top Law Firms Used: Allen & Overy, Ashurst, DWF, Eversheds Sutherland, Shoosmiths Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a ⚠ Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. Retail and consumer goods | Patrick Sarch, partner at Wm Morrison Supermarkets White & Case, is also impressed with Charnock`s skills. “It`s been another very busy year for the company. It leads the right battle for data issues and deals with a significant number of other complex issues in the business. We think it`s great. Our successes speak for themselves. Our leading national charity partnership has raised over £12 million for CLIC Sargent since 2017. The Morrisons Foundation has donated more than £30 million to charity since its inception in 2015. And our Community Champions manage a £1.3 million local giving budget. We pride ourselves on being part of our customers` success and look forward to serving and growing our customers in the future.