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Quien Es El Representante Legal De Un Sindicato

Works councils or works councils are often also shop stewards and shop stewards. Stewards also have roles and protections like staff representatives, but to a lesser extent. I. No one shall be compelled to join or not to join a union, federation or confederation. Any provision that distorts this provision in any way shall be deemed not to have been made; Has. ILO Convention 98 provides protection against anti-union discrimination. Anti-union discrimination includes any measure that makes a worker`s employment conditional on the employee`s renunciation of trade union membership or non-unionism. This includes measures that result in the dismissal or harm of an employee because of his or her union membership or participation in union activities. Trade unions are organizations freely created by workers in the private sector and/or public enterprises, regardless of their legal nature. If you have tried to form a union and have had any problems, write to us here and a lawyer from our team will contact you shortly. Regardless of the percentage they represent, 250 or more employees of a company can form a union. For any other type of trade union (e.g.

interpresa, self-employed and temporary or temporary), at least 25 workers must be formed. Although it is not possible to change representatives during the negotiation of a collective agreement or they have been elected for less than 6 months. Depending on the number of employees, it is provided by staff delegates or works councils. These representatives are elected and represent all the company`s employees. Trade union representation. (d) a complete and up-to-date list of union members entitled to vote shall be drawn up, published and brought to their attention at least three days before the election; III. The sanctions imposed by trade unions, associations and confederations on their members shall be in accordance with the provisions of the law and the statutes; to this end, the rights of the person concerned to a hearing and due process must be respected, and XI. rules on the management, acquisition and disposal of assets to Union property; A shop steward is an employee who has been elected in the spirit of a union to represent that union part of a business.

It ensures the internal coordination of this section and the liaison with the union. IV. commit acts of violence, discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment against its members, employer, agents or property, or any third party; Answer: An employee may not be dismissed for his trade union activities or activities as a staff representative in accordance with the law or collective agreements or mutually agreed provisions. However, a workers` representative may be dismissed on other grounds where justified, provided that procedural safeguards are in place to protect workers against unfair dismissal resulting from trade union activities. In some countries, the dismissal of trade union leaders or candidates for trade union leaders requires permission from the Ministry of Labour. If workers have not received information on the management of trade union assets or have not examined the existence of irregularities in the management of trade union funds, they may have recourse to the internal bodies and procedures provided for in the statutes referred to in Article 371, Section XIII, of this Law. If the existence of the above-mentioned irregularities is established, the persons responsible for them will be sanctioned after the investigation and resolution procedure provided for in the statutes has been carried out; If such sanctions are not provided for in proportion to the seriousness of the conduct or omission, officials may be sanctioned by the competent trade union bodies by suspending or dismissing their duties, depending on the seriousness of the irregularity committed, without prejudice to the implementation of other judicial procedures in this regard. Trade unions have the right to draw up their statutes and regulations, freely elect their representatives, organize their administration and activities, and formulate their programme of action. The trade union shall be represented by its general secretary or a person designated by its director, unless the statutes contain special provisions. Question: A company has two unions; one for junior staff and one for senior management. The company`s policy for junior staff is automatic membership of the company`s union and deduction of contributions from wages. The company does not have the same policy for the union to which senior managers belong.

Is this commercial practice compatible with freedom of association and association? IX Ter. the rules for the integration and functioning of a collegiate decision-making body responsible for organising and qualifying the electoral procedures of the Union`s internal institutions; Trade union representation in the company is mainly ensured by the trade union sections, which in turn are represented by trade union delegates. Union branches are all employees of the company who are members of a particular union. 5.- Ballot papers must be validated on the back with the signatures of at least two members of the electoral commission approved for this purpose by the union. According to the law, the workers who form the union must be over 15 years of age. There must be at least 20 employees on active duty. They cannot be trustworthy workers. Businesses face many uncertainties in a rapidly changing global marketplace. A sincere dialogue with the freely elected workers` representatives enables workers and employers to understand each other`s problems and find better solutions. The security of representation helps to develop the trust of both parties. Freedom of association and collective bargaining provide opportunities for constructive dialogue and conflict resolution, channelling the energy needed to find solutions that benefit the company and society as a whole. The importance of freedom of association has been defined more strongly than any other right by ILO supervisory mechanisms.

In many, but not all, cases, these decisions are helpful and easier for employers to understand. Staff delegates are the workers` representatives in the enterprise, workplace or public administration that employs more than 10 and less than 50 employees.