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We have earned a trusted reputation for advocacy that protects our clients` interests and delivers results. For this reason, many people turn to our firm to legally represent a wide range of issues, including some of the construction industry`s most significant litigation regarding liens, delays, defaults, breach of contract, Code violations, and payment disputes. Skolnick Law Group is a leading law firm located in Oceanside, California near El Camino Real (near Carlsbad and Highway 78) with a proven track record of protecting the rights of individuals and families violated by the neglect of others. Ms. Suzanne Skolnick, a lawyer, has earned a reputation for unparalleled excellence in the legal field. Above all, Ms. Skolnick is fighting for justice for her injured clients and their families. She also devotes a lot of time, energy and passion to making sure her injured clients recover. We focus our construction law practice on individual solutions. Our lawyers always deal with problems on a case-by-case basis and develop creative solutions to difficult legal problems through negotiations or litigation. Car accidents often result in serious injury or even death to those involved.

Skolnick Law Group is committed to helping victims of car accidents make a full recovery. More than six million car accidents occur each year nationwide and nearly 40,000 deaths. Hundreds of thousands of people injured or killed are occupants involved in road accidents. When financial problems arise, we help entrepreneurs determine whether insolvency is the best option and, if so, which form of insolvency is optimal. At Skolnick Legal Group, P.C., our lawyers have decades of experience representing clients in communities in New Jersey and New York, including Roseland, Hackensack and Midtown New York, finding solutions to a variety of building law problems. Aggressively represent your interests. Protect your bottom line. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents involving a vehicle often result in serious injuries. While most motorists are genuinely concerned about a regulation, their insurance policies are taking over. Truck accidents can have difficult liability issues, and you may not recognize all potential short- and long-term damage.

We deal with truck accidents and insurance on a daily basis. HOW TO HELP YOUR LAWYER MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF YOUR INFRINGEMENT CASE Skolnick Law Group is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. Skolnick Law Group represents those who have been subjected to excessive force by police officers and detainees. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, you will need the advice and expertise of a personal injury lawyer. Although the damage may seem minor at first, it can escalate in a few days or weeks into a lifelong struggle to restore the body and mind. Therefore, he personally understands the financial issues and time constraints faced by construction professionals in this industry and how to use the law to manage these factors. Like everyone who drives a car, almost every motorcyclist has an accident at some point. Unfortunately, with motorcycles, almost all accidents result in injuries and serious injuries in almost half of cases. The law takes seriously any death, including those resulting from someone`s negligence. As advocates for wrongful killings, we know firsthand from our clients how traumatic the loss of a loved one is.

If you were injured in an accident on someone else`s property, you must file a liability claim to get compensation for your injuries, as well as reimbursement for your medical expenses and loss of income. Every day, more than 1,000 U.S. citizens need emergency treatment for injuries caused by dog attacks. California has more dog bite injuries and deaths per year than any other state. You were hurt by someone else. Your injury is painful and disabling and interferes with your daily activities and lifestyle. We feel your pain. We know what you want. You want someone to pay, and BIG! We are with you. Since our fees are a percentage of your final financial recovery, we want you to win big. In particular, you want to maximize your recovery for non-financial damages, including pain, disability, physical suffering, discomfort, psychological and emotional distress, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life. In California, there is no law or rule that limits the amount you can receive for such damages.

We say, “Go big or go home!” This book is a guide on how you can help your lawyer obtain the maximum compensation for these subjective damages in your infringement case. Yelp users haven`t asked any questions yet about Skolnick Law Group.