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Uc Merced Requirements

While general education is not required for admission, it can help speed up your time to graduation once you`ve transferred to UC Merced. We strongly recommend that you read the Transferred Students: Satisfying General Education page in the catalogue for a more detailed explanation of the requirements. Please note that at UC Merced, major-specific courses are required for selection. Visit the Key Selection Criteria page to learn about the requirements for your planned major. Visit the Key Selection Criteria page to learn about the requirements for your planned major. We encourage all eligible students to apply. To be considered for UC Merced admission, you must meet the following minimum UC accreditation requirements: If you are working towards an ADT, you should choose courses that meet the requirements of the UC locations you are interested in. Consider ADT as your first roadmap to UC. You can use ASSIST or our main preparation paths to help you choose the right courses. While acquiring an ADT does not guarantee admission to UC, some campuses are considering it in the comprehensive exam process. Transfer, Return and Veterans Programs (209) For more information on the topic, scholarships, and exam requirements, visit the University of California Admissions website. Learn more: Complete at least 15 college preparation courses, at least 11 of which are completed before the start of your final year.

These courses must be completed with grades of C or better. For courses taken between winter 2020 and summer 2021, UC also accepts a CR (credit) and P (passed) grade. Courses taken during this period with passport (P) or credit (CR) grades meet the corresponding requirements from A to G. Please check the information of each graduate program for additional admission requirements that applicants must meet. Students who are eligible to apply for admission to UC Merced as a lower league transfer student have the “Fast Track” option on our campus. To meet the eligibility criteria for this pathway, you must meet the following criteria: If you submit test results as part of your application, they can be used as an alternative method to meet minimum eligibility or course placement requirements after you register. Student Accessibility Service(209) Students First Center(209) 228-7178studentsfirst@ucmerced.eduAdmissions Transfers(209) Campus Visits(209) 228-6316tours@ucmerced.eduFinancial Aid(209) 228-7178finaid@ucmerced.eduHousing(209) 228-4663housing@ucmerced.eduRegistrar(209) To be considered for admission at UC Merced as a transfer student, you must either Level junior or lower division meet the broadcast requirements. In addition, you must meet the preparation requirements for your planned major.

Information on test score requirements can be found on our International Candidates page. Note that some programs require higher test results, please also check the program standards. Students applying from abroad should also consult the requirements and regulations for international students for more information. Official transcripts from national universities may be submitted electronically if the home institution offers this possibility. Please have them delivered to Some students are still concerned about submitting too many test results. You`re worried that UC Merced is scorning too many attempts to increase your score. But how many are too many? Complete the following seven-course template and get a grade of C or better in each course: Below is a list of materials required to complete the UC Merced Graduate application for M.A./M.M./M.S. and Ph.D. Programs: Admission decisions are based on a combination of factors, including academic degrees and records, letter of intent, letters of recommendation, test results, and relevant work experience. We also consider the relevance of your goals to the program of study you are interested in and to the research interests of the program`s faculty. In addition, one can consider how your background and life experience would contribute significantly to a pedagogically beneficial mix of students.

The university considers you a transfer candidate if you have registered for a regular session at another college or university, except during high school or the summer session immediately after high school. While the University of California prioritizes community college students over other transfer applicants, the university also accepts those from four-year institutions. In addition, it is possible to move from one UC campus to another. A minimum of 15 years of high school (“a-g”) UC Merced is located in the beautiful setting of California`s San Joaquin Valley. As California`s newest base for advanced research, the facilities are second to none. Not to mention the largest natural research center of all – close to Yosemite National Park. Take at least 15 preparatory courses for college “a-g”, as described above. Adherence to the national track is a factor that UC Merced appreciates. *Some majors require a higher GPA for admission selection. We are young and growing fast, attracting people from all over the world. Our 8,000 students study in engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. Be careful when drawing conclusions from this information.

Use it as a general guide to selectivity rather than a predictor of your chances of admission to UC Merced. We know you are more than your grades and test scores. Using a process called a comprehensive review, we look at how hard you`ve worked to take advantage of the opportunities you`ve had at school, in your favourite extracurricular activities, and in your community. *The zones represent the middle 50% of the students admitted. ** Some majors require a higher GPA for admission selection. If you`re just starting out at a California community college and know which major you want to study, but haven`t yet decided which UC campus to apply to, there`s an easy way to keep your options open while you prepare for your major. Visit UC Transfer Pathways. It sounds intimidating, but most schools don`t all view your results equally. For example, if you scored 1300 on one test and 1500 on another, both tests won`t really be average. Visit to create an account and launch your transfer admission planner. Your TAP is the first step to applying to the University of California. It will help you determine if your courses are UC transferable, what type of credit you could get for the AP or IB exams, and your UC-GPA.

The information you provide in your TAP will also carry over into the UC application when you are ready to apply. If, when submitting your application, you find that you are in the top 9% of your class, submit an application on our campus. Being in the top 9% of your class is a hallmark of UC Merced. This is an overview of the first grade class admitted for fall 2019. Make sure the courses you take are on your school`s “a-g” list. Get your school`s list from your advisor or from the University of California`s “a-g” course listings. A. History/Social Sciences = 2 yearsB. English (or language of instruction) = 4 yearsC. Mathematics = 3 years (4 years recommended)D.

Laboratory Sciences = 2 years (3 years recommended)E. Language other than English (or another second language) = 2 years (3 years recommended)F. Visual and performing arts = 1 yearG. College Elective = 1 year Most often, the school will get its highest score on a single test date. Best of all, some schools do a superscore, meaning they take your highest score among all your test data and combine it. All majors in schools of engineering, natural and social sciences, and humanities must complete a specific major preparation of the lower division in order to be considered for admission.